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Custom Printed and design advertising on your plastic bags

Giá Liên hệ

Printing plastic bag and advertising design service at Tuan Ngoc Plastic

Every company has their own brand name marketing strategy to enhance their image and access customers quickly. Base on this situation, Tuan Ngoc Plastic established the Printing plastic bags and advertising design service.

Benefits of printing logo in plastic bag

Not only do functional packaging, plastic bags as an advertising channel still really effective. The impressive design of plastic bags will stimulate customers to buy your products. Once plastic bag is printed logo, slogan, address, phone number ( company information), it becomes a special thing, like a multipurpose card visit.

 A plastic bag with simple but unique design will make your product be an outstanding one among the other brands. Moreover, logo printed plastic bag can impress and attract many customers. This is the brand positioning function of plastic bags.
At Tuan Ngoc Plastic, we can print product image, brand, slogan…in many kinds of plastic bags as requirement of customers. We have the free consultant service to help customers find a suitable design in terms of logo, color, text…
With more than 20 years of experiences in manufacturing plastic bag, Tuan Ngoc Plastic have produced more than 6000 types of logo printed plastic bag for both domestic and foreign customers.
Modern printing technology includes gravure printing, screen printing. Tuan Ngoc Plastic can print logo in any kind of plastic bags with 4 colors and high resolution.

Test the strength of the plastic bag, capacities  can allow hold 5 times heavy cargo.

Supermarket plastic bag: T-shirt plastic bag
Retail store plastic bag: PP bag, Die-cut plastic bag
Plastic bag for packaging ice: Virgin PE bag
Food contained plastic bag: Bread plastic bag, plastic bag for packaging fruits
Cheap logo printed plastic bag: Shopping plastic bag
Industrial plastic bag: Clothes covered plastic bag

Call us to get free advice and the best support! Holine (+84) 96 200 0788 
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